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Established in 1996, Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) was the vision of three individuals, Ernest Ewaschuk, Ken P. Gurr, and Dr. David R.C. Prescott, employed by the Alberta NAWMP Centre, who were responsible for designing and coordinating delivery of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) in Alberta. While NAWMP efforts were successful in conserving and protecting Alberta’s wetland resources and associated upland habitat, these individuals saw a real need to go beyond the original mandate of NAWMP and expand efforts to include the ‘bigger picture’. This meant developing stewardship messages and initiatives that foster a stewardship ethic to manage all natural capital (land, air, water and biodiversity) in a way that conserves all of its values, be they environmental, economic, social or cultural.

From Vision to Reality

When the Alberta NAWMP Centre closed and the responsibilities for NAWMP implementation transferred to Ducks Unlimited Canada, the opportunity to pursue this vision for a broader stewardship initiative became a reality. Using the successful Alberta NAWMP Partnership as a model, Ernest, Ken and David set the foundation for LSC – an organization that facilitates collaboration, and develops services and resources that help inform, educate and enable people and organizations to become better stewards.

Still Going Strong

Today, after nearly 25 years of fostering partnerships, developing resources and facilitating the establishment of grass-root stewardship organizations to promote and apply the principles of stewardship, LSC continues to seek out and embrace opportunities to bring action to the ongoing practice of stewardship that results in the sustainable management of our natural resources.

Photo credit Trevor Wallace.

Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is important to helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved.