Beaver Hills Biosphere

Beaver Hills Biosphere an unmistakeable landscape

Located just east of Edmonton, Alberta, the UNESCO-designated Beaver Hills Biosphere is a unmistakable landscape in which people are living and working in harmony with nature to inspire a positive future. Biosphere partners work together to champion sustainable economic development, quality of life, ecological sustainability and the rich culture and history of the region.

A Good Fit

Increasing competition for a shrinking pool of resources has non-profits thinking beyond traditional approaches and embracing inventive new ways to get things done. Land Stewardship Centre has woven collaboration with like-minded organizations into the fabric of its daily operations and, together, all involved have become enhanced versions of themselves because of it.

With a shared history and a natural alignment between their respective visions and organizational mandates, Land Stewardship Centre and the Beaver Hills Biosphere have established a strong, strategic partnership that enables more efficient and effective operations and management of both organizations through a shared-services model.

Mutual Respect, Mutual Success

In 2018, when the Beaver Hills Biosphere was seeking a new Executive Director, an opportunity presented itself for the two organizations to work together in a unique and innovative way, and take collaboration to a new level. Under the arrangement, Land Stewardship Centre provides staff, administrative, operational as well as strategic and program planning support to the Biosphere. Both organizations remain independent entities and have separate boards but together they thrive.

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