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Who is Land Stewardship Centre?

Champions and Collaborators

We work with people to help improve their understanding of healthy ecosystems, support grass-roots community stewardship efforts and encourage the development of practices and policies that support sustainable resource use.

Wizard Lake Watershed and Lake Stewardship Association
The place we call home

Taking care of the world we share

Community Stewardship

We believe that the more people know about stewardship, the more empowered they will be to become responsible stewards in their everyday lives. Our programs and resources help people understand the importance of responsible stewardship and encourage them to take action to protect our ecosystems.

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Elevating teamwork

Collaborative Management

We have always embraced collaboration, recognizing it’s better to avoid duplicating efforts. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, we actively seek out opportunities to work closely with others to improve and roll the wheel farther along together than we could ever do alone.

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