EcoServices Network

EcoServices Network

Land Stewardship Centre is a partner in the EcoServices Network - a multidisciplinary group of experts working to build the knowledge and capacity in support of conservation markets in Alberta. The coordinated efforts of the Network support a system for information sharing and collaboration across sector boundaries.

Environment Meets Economics

Ecosystem services (or ES) are the benefits that humans receive from nature including provisioning (e.g., food, fuel, fibre, fresh water), regulating (e.g. air quality, climate regulation, erosion control, water quality), cultural (e.g. spiritual enrichment, recreation, aesthetic experiences) and supporting services (e.g. production of oxygen, soil formation).

Conservation markets are markets in which transactions involving ecosystem services take place with the goal of improving or maintaining environmental quality or minimizing environmental degradation. Market approaches to restoring and enhancing ecosystem services have been shown to cause positive changes in land-use management and bring a number of benefits to individuals, businesses and communities.

Building Capacity, Driving Innovation

Over the past several years many organizations, various levels of government, academia and industry have been exploring ways to integrate ES into planning and decision-making on working landscapes in Alberta. An important element of this approach is to identify current and future information needs. To meet these needs, solutions need to be developed that are practical, science-based, easy to understand and communicate.

Collectively, EcoServices Network partners are working to build capacity and drive greater innovation in science, data and information management, socio-economics and policy to support the creation of a working conservation market system, bringing Alberta to the forefront of economic diversification, environmental excellence and sustainable development.

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