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Apply Now for 2022 Green Acreages Funding


Green Acreages


May. 18, 2022

Our Green Acreages Program still has funding available for the 2022 year to support owners of acreages, hobby farms and recreational properties across Alberta in mitigating the impacts of flooding and/or drought! Take advantage of this unique opportunity to transform your acreage and enhance the natural watershed function of your property. Some of the projects we have funded so far include:

  • Wetland restoration through planting native species and removing invasive plants
  • Riparian zone planting to prevent flooding and drought and to improve water quality and habitat for biodiversity
  • Rain gardens and bioswales to prevent localized, seasonal flooding
  • Shoreline restoration through planting native species
  • Exclusion fencing to prevent livestock from damaging sensitive riparian areas
  • Slope reinforcement through planting of woody, native shrubs to prevent erosion and protect water quality
  • Wetland construction to manage water and add habitat, as well as reducing the impacts of both flooding and drought

Check out the online application and feel free to contact milena@landstewardship.org with questions. Funding is going fast, so don’t miss this opportunity!