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More 25th Anniversary Acknowledgements

Posted November 26, 2021 by LSC

While interviewing him for the Establishing a Stewardship Legacy article, Ernie Ewaschuk was quick to point out that while the founding members developed the concept and began building the foundation of the Land Stewardship Centre, many other individuals and organizations provided advice and encouragement along the way to help turn the dream of establishing an organization that supported a broader stewardship mandate into reality.

The NAWMP provided Land Stewardship Centre with office furniture and tech equipment. Later, Alberta Parks, Recreation and Wildlife would grant LSC use of Imrie House for office space at no cost.

The following are just a few of the individuals who, says Ernie, deserve thanks and recognition for their early contributions as board members or for the assistance they provided in various ways:

  • Gordon Kerr, Board Chair
  • David Westworth, Board Member
  • Arlene Kwasniak, Environmental Law Centre
  • Vic Adamowizc, U of A, Board Member
  • David Neave (late), Wildlife Habitat Canada
  • Pam Wight, Board Member
  • Jim Gendron, Board Member
  • Ferna Ewaschuk, Volunteer, accounting and Conservation Land Registry services (initially)

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