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Meet Our Newest Team Member

Posted September 15, 2020 by LSC

She’ll be focusing on climate resiliency planning

Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) is excited to introduce Lauren Van Dyke, our new Project Assistant working on climate change and adaptation in the Beaver Hills Biosphere. LSC and the Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve Association (BHBRA) are currently in a shared-services partnership and as an LSC staff member, Lauren will be lending her skills and expertise to support both organizations’ efforts.

Originally from Cochrane, Lauren pursued a degree in environmental sciences at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Environmental Sciences as well as a Certificate in Sustainability. Following graduation, Lauren went on to work at Elk Island National Park as a Visitor Service Attendant, educating visitors about the natural history of the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

“My experience working at Elk Island for the past four years has allowed me to explore first-hand the hidden secrets of what makes the Beaver Hills Biosphere so unique,” shares Lauren. “I have truly learned to love the diversity of its landscape and am excited to devote my time to help develop a climate change and adaptation strategy.”

Lauren comes to LSC through the Adaptation Resilience Training (ART) project, a cost-shared initiative supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Building Regional Adaptation Capacity and Expertise (BRACE) program and Alberta Environment and Parks. The ART project aims to deepen understanding of climate change adaptation in Alberta and its applicability across sectors and professions. LSC’s project, Climate Change and Adaptation for Beaver Hills Biosphere, will support the development of an adaptive management plan that will help mitigate climate related issues in the biosphere and associated communities.

“When looking for a potential job opportunity through the ART program, this position stood out to me as I already felt drawn to the Beaver Hills Biosphere through my education and work experience,” explains Lauren. “I felt I had a unique background and set of knowledge to contribute meaningfully in developing the Climate Change and Adaptation Strategy.”

In the coming months, working closely with LSC and Beaver Hills Biosphere Reserve Association staff, Lauren will be building out the climate resiliency plan within the Beaver Hills Biosphere. Lauren’s work on the project, and the foundation for the development of the plan, includes stakeholder engagement, research on current climate initiatives and an inventory of nature-based solutions being implemented in Alberta.

“I am excited to collaborate with the LSC team and explore opportunities through the ART program as I begin to network with other professionals and specialists working on climate change and adaptation projects around the province,” shares Lauren. “There is so much that I have yet to learn and feel like the team at the LSC will be amazing mentors for me as I start my professional career.”

You can connect with Lauren at

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