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Green Acreages: Taking Learning to a New Level

Posted November 10, 2020 by LSC

Central to our efforts this year was the ability to deliver virtual Green Acreages workshops.

Since spring, we delivered eight virtual Green Acreages workshops to more than 120 acreage owners in partnership with workshop hosts Brazeau County, Clearwater County, Mountain View County, Rocky View County, Red Deer County, Parkland County, Lac Ste. Anne County and Sturgeon County.

At these virtual workshops, participants learned how they can better manage and improve their properties by evaluating and mapping property assets and planning meaningful stewardship activities. Attendees also learned about municipal support programs, how to access funding to help with stewardship projects and they received a copy of the comprehensive Green Acreages workbook, compliments of the hosting municipality.

Here’s what some Green Acreages workshop participants had to say:

“[The workshop] helped me figure out how to identify and achieve my goals for my property,” Clearwater County resident.

“The idea that, as acreage owners, we are stewards of the land is now more clear to me,” Rocky View County resident.

“The Green Acreages workbook is a great source of information. It was interesting to hear about other people’s plans for their acreages,” Brazeau County resident.

“The Green Acreages workbook provides a solid foundation for us to steward our property,” Red Deer County resident.

Missed a workshop?

Reach out to Milena McWatt, Green Acreages Program Coordinator, who will be happy to talk with you about your acreage stewardship journey. You can also purchase the Green Acreages workbook through our online store.

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