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Green Acreages: Project Funding and Workshops

Posted July 15, 2020 by LSC

In the last edition of Grassroots News, we introduced you to our newest staff member, Milena McWatt who is leading the reinvigorated and enhanced Green Acreages Program.

Here’s what’s new and what the program has to offer this year.

Funding for Acreage Owners

With funding from Alberta’s Watershed Resiliency and Restoration Program and support from rural municipalities, Land Stewardship Centre is expanding the Green Acreages program to include funding opportunities for small acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners to support cost-shared, eligible stewardship initiatives on their properties. To be eligible, cost-share projects must incorporate beneficial management practices that will lessen the impacts of flooding and drought incidents and enhance ecosystem services.

Examples of eligible stewardship projects include:

  • Wetland enhancements, such as enhancing riparian and upland vegetation associated with wetlands.
  • Storm water management (e.g. to prevent erosion).
  • Riparian zone enhancement through planting and buffers.
  • Shoreline remediation and/or re-naturalization.
  • Erosion reduction measures (e.g., shoreline or riparian naturalization with native plants, establishing a buffer of native plants between landscaped areas and bodies of water, and physical re-establishment of shorelines).
  • Exclusion fencing, off-site watering systems and stream crossings (e.g., to keep livestock out of water bodies and away from riparian areas).
  • Use of native species in planting initiatives.

Apply Today

If you are an acreage or recreational property owner looking to access financial incentives to increase ecosystem services on your property while mitigating against flood and drought, please complete the online application form.

Virtual Workshops

In addition to offering cost-sharing funding opportunities for acreages owners, this year, we are relaunching our Green Acreages workshops. Until we can all safely gather in person, we have adapted the original format to a virtual workshop.

During these live, online workshops participants will learn about stewardship and how to:

  • Better manage and improve your property.
  • Evaluate your acreage.
  • Map your property assets and plan your activities.
  • Access funding to help with a stewardship project and the projects that qualify.
  • And more.

We have the following live, online workshops scheduled. They all run from 7 pm to 8:30 pm. Click on the links to register for a workshop.

Have questions? Want to know more? Contact Milena Mcwatt, Green Acreages Program Coordinator, to learn more.

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