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Making Headway With Wetland Education

Posted May 16, 2019 by LSC

This past March, Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) attended the Wetland Education Network (WEN) Workshop at the lovely Nisku Recreation Centre in Leduc County. Hosted by Alberta NAWMP Partnership, this second annual WEN workshop brought together individuals and organizations representing four key sectors: agriculture, municipalities, education/public and industry to discuss and share ideas for how to advance wetland education, knowledge and action in Alberta.

Motivated and Action Oriented

The workshop was attended by approximately 60 individuals from across the province and representing the various sector stakeholder groups. During this full day workshop, participants contributed fresh ideas and came away with new knowledge and motivation to support wetland education in Alberta.

The WEN sector action groups, which have been working together for the past year to discuss and develop various tools, resources and approaches to supporting sector-specific wetland education in Alberta, provide workshop participants with an update of each action group accomplished. For example:

The Agriculture Action Group created five media stories that were published in community newspapers and which highlighted producers who have integrated wetland conservation in their operations. The Education Action Group created a guide for engaging communities in local wetland conservation.

The Municipal Action Group developed and informative resource titled Your Guide to Making Wetlands Work in Your Municipality to guide and inform municipalities in the many facets of wetland conservation. They will be releasing an updated version in the coming months. The engaged participants in and tangible outputs of the WEN speaks to the value of a collaborative of partners coming together with passion, knowledge and a shared goal.

More Wetland Work on the Horizon

This year, with support from Alberta Innovates and the Alberta NAWMP Science Fund, LSC will be implementing a wetland conservation and stewardship pilot project to create a case study for wetland markets in the Beaver Hills Biosphere (BHB). LSC looks forward to working closely with Alberta NAWMP, the BHB and other important partners to advance wetland protection in the designated UNESCO Beaver Hills Biosphere.

Learn more about the Alberta NAWMP Partnership and their efforts to conserve and protect Alberta’s wetlands. And stay tuned for more information about the innovative wetland conservation project in the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

Some comments...

  • Judith Basisty says:

    We live at the south end of the Beaver Hills Biosphere and are very concerned about preservation and restoration of the wetlands.
    We’ve been busy planting native trees, shrubs and forbs to maintain biodiversity on our property.
    Please keep me posted of any upcoming events that we can participate in.

  • Land Stewardship Centre says:

    Judith, thanks for your comments and for letting us know about the efforts you're taking on your property to support biodiversity. We encourage you to follow the Beaver Hills Biosphere on Facebook and Twitter and check out their website to stay in touch with what's going on in the Biosphere.

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