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Alberta Public Lands Act Regulation Survey

Posted September 8, 2010 by LSC

The province is proposing changes to the regulations within the Public Lands Act to support better land management and stewardship. The Public Lands Act prescribes what is legally allowed or prohibited on public land. The changes will set out specific rules, for example, how visitors can use public land, how the rules are enforced, and how appeals are heard.

Proposed Regulation
The proposed Public Lands Administration Regulation focuses on three key themes. Under each of these three themes, this consultation looks at the main aspects of the regulation:

A. Land Management
B. Compliance and Enforcement
C. Appeals and Dispute Resolution

Public consultation is a key step in the process to develop these new regulations. Public comments will be reviewed and considered in guiding the development of the new regulations.

Public Comment
The province will work with First Nations, the public, and stakeholders to update the regulation. In order to provide your feedback we encourage you to first read through the frequently asked questions for further information on the proposed regulation changes.

The survey provides an opportunity for you to submit feedback on the proposed amendments to the Public Lands Act regulation. It also provides an opportunity to provide general comments on the proposed regulation changes.

Albertans are invited to complete the survey regarding the proposed amendments either online or by mail from August 5, 2010 – September 17, 2010. Complete the survey online.

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