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Apply for a 2023 Watershed Stewardship Grant Today




Mar. 23, 2023

Planning a stewardship project this year? The Watershed Stewardship Grant program is now accepting applications from eligible groups for 2023 funding.

If your organization has a project in mind to enhance, protect or restore Alberta’s valued water resources, consider applying. Stewardship and synergy groups, naturalist organizations, First Nations and Métis communities, recreational and community associations, and other non-profits can apply.

We invite and encourage creative, innovative and collaborative stewardship projects.

The deadline for applications is April 26, 2023. Apply today.

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Jitka Smahel


I am interested in land Stewardship in the Niagara region. The city has veen selling our wetlands for commercial devolpment. I have friends that own properties that still have wetlands and we woukd like to conserve and orotrct them from any future development.