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Green Communities

The Green Communities Guide was developed to be an essential tool to help growing communities plan and implement strategies to conserve water, protect water quality, preserve agricultural land, and protect critical open spaces and wildlife habitat.

This valuable resource features design and policy tools that can help communities manage development while conserving our valuable natural resources.

The Green Communities Guide:
  • is designed for use by municipal planners, developers and community groups,
  • highlights innovative approaches communities are taking to managing development with respect to its impacts on our natural systems,
  • includes a variety of topics including: rainwater capture, xeriscaping, schoolyard naturalization, storm water wetlands, brownfield reclamation, road design and planning sustainable communities,
  • identifies the benefits, challenges and costs of these approaches to sustainable development,
  • offers case study examples of successfully implemented green design and policy tools,
  • provides a list of related resources and other organizations working to support the development of sustainable communities.

Click on the following link for a sample of what you’ll find in the Green Communities Guide (PDF 834 KB).

Get Your Copy Today

Purchase the Guide on CD at the cost recovery price of $20.00 plus GST and shipping. Limited print copies of the Guide are also available for $40 plus GST and shipping. Order online today.


We thank the many individuals and organizations who contributed to this project. Their donations, support, guidance and information have been indispensable to the creation of the Green Communities Guide. We also wish to recognize the following partner organizations which contributed funding to the project:

Green Communities Guide Copyright © 2009 Land Stewardship Centre of Canada

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