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The Green Acreages program supports acreage owners

We have never lost sight of the fact that connecting with and supporting land owners and land mangers is our primary purpose. All that we do is focused on raising awareness and encouraging actions that address land stewardship issues. Through these programs we reinforce our commitment to engaging, informing and enabling stewards.

Green Acreages

Green Acreages

The Green Acreages program offers publications, workshops and incentives developed especially for acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners to help them implement stewardship practices that conserve and protect the valuable natural assets, such as air, land, water, wildlife, associated with their properties. Learn more.

Green Communities Guide

Green Communities

The Green Communities Guide is an essential tool to help communities plan and implement nature-based solutions and strategies to conserve water, protect water quality, preserve agricultural land, and protect critical open spaces and wildlife habitat. Learn more.

Watershed Stewardship Grants

Watershed Stewardship Grants

Since 2006, the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, made possible with funding from Alberta Environment and Parks, has provided grants to the province’s stewardship community. These funds support on-the-ground projects in local watersheds that help conserve, restore and enhance Alberta's precious water resources. Learn more.