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Who We Are

We are an organization that brings people together to work on common priorities for achieving sustainability on the landscape.

All of our efforts support stewardship: by improving understanding of healthy ecosystems, supporting grass-roots community stewardship efforts, and encouraging the development of practices and policies that support sustainable resource use.

A not-for-profit, charitable organization, we are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and operated by core staff.

Our Vision

Society demonstrates a stewardship ethic and an understanding of healthy ecosystems in its land use practices.

Our Mission

To facilitate stewardship by improving understanding of healthy ecosystems, supporting community stewardship and strengthening policies that affect resource use.

Our Values

This is how we operate, and these values represent the guidelines that govern the conduct of our staff, board members or anyone acting on our behalf. Through all our efforts, we will always endeavor to:

  1. Foster a respectful, nurturing culture, which values and has respect for diversity.
  2. Ensure accountability and responsiveness in all actions and activities.
  3. Ensure fairness, consultation and inclusiveness presides over all decisions.
  4. Cultivate trust in all relationships.
  5. Maintain an atmosphere that encourages creativity, responsibility and commitment.

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Photo credit Kristian Stephens.

Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is important to helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved.