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The well-equipped steward is an effective steward. So, in addition to our core programs, LSC has developed or supports the use of a number of practical tools that can help people and organizations stay connected and achieve their stewardship goals. These include:

Grassroots News

Connect to what’s happening in Alberta’s stewardship community, learn more about the people and organizations behind grassroots stewardship efforts, and understand the positive and important impact their projects and initiatives are having on conserving and protecting the province’s natural resources. Subscribe to Grassroots News. You’ll receive regular news and info every two months, with special issues and announcements throughout the year.

Stewardship Planning Framework

Endorsed by the AAMDC, the AUMA and the ASVA as an effective tool that can be used to guide municipalities to the types and sources of important and relevant environmental and ecological information they can use to support informed land-use and planning decisions in their communities. Learn more.


With more and more emphasis being placed on cost effectiveness, return on investment and transparency in program development, that decision making process can become even more complicated. Learn how INFFER can help.

Stewardship Directory

A ‘yellow pages for stewards’; the online directory that helps community stewardship groups, organizations, businesses and government connect with each other. Check out the Directory.

The Stewardship Toolbox

So, you want to start at stewardship group? The Stewardship Toolbox offers 10 steps to help you plan, organize and sustain your community stewardship group. Get your copy.

Resource Centre

A one-stop-shop for information, news and resources related to environmental stewardship. Start your search.

Be a well-equipped steward.

Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is an important part in helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved.