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Multi-Species Habitat Enhancement Techniques: a guide to enhancing biodiversity on NAWMP landscapes in Alberta

This is a compendium of practical techniques for enhancing natural biodiversity and multi-wildlife species benefits on wetland, riparian, grassland and wooded landscapes. It is designed for biological or other natural resource field staff to use as a handy reference. Over 30 techniques are described. Background information, species managed, application guidelines, source of materials, and other information sources are described for each technique.

  • Published: Jan 1999
  • Media Type: Manual
  • Author: Ewaschuk, E and Gurr, Ken P. (editors)
  • Publisher: Alberta North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) Centre
  • Publisher Info: Published 1992, three ring, 8.5 X 11 binder with factsheets, includes illustrations, diagrams and appendices
  • Quantity Description: Currently out of print.
  • Order Info: For a loan copy, check with Alberta Environmental Protection - Library Services or Environment Canada (Prairie & NWT Region) - Library Services, or Alberta?s university or college natural resource departments. May also be available on loan from Ducks Unlimited Canada - Alberta field biologists.