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Resources for Stewards

The key to being a successful steward starts with ecological awareness, a strong sense of a land ethic and the desire to put this awareness and ethic into action. To help you do this, you need access to relevant, up-to-date information and resources. Organized by category, here are some key, basic resources that will set you on the right path to making your stewardship group successful.

Also, watch for the new and improved searchable online stewardship Resource Centre coming soon.

Stewardship Directory

This online Stewardship Directory helps community stewardship groups, organizations, businesses and government connect with each other to share their experiences and lessons learned in stewardship and natural resource management. Check it out today >>

Organizational Basics

Whether you are just thinking of forming a new group, trying to decide on an appropriate organizational structure, or looking for information on group governance, this section has the resources to help you to build a solid foundation for your stewardship group. Get the organizational basics here >>

Funding for Stewards

The strength of a stewardship group often lies in its ability to garner community support and access funding and donated resources for projects. This section features resources on how to develop financial sustainability for your group, tips for writing successful grant applications and some key sources of stewardship funding in Alberta. Check out these funding for stewards resources >>

Planning Stewardship Activities

Successful initiatives always start with a great plan – a road map that lets everyone involved know where you’re headed, how you’re going to get there, and when you’ve arrived. This section features a key resource to help you plan, implement, evaluate and communicate your program or project. Get started with this planning model >>

Building Community Involvement

Community is the backbone of effective grassroots stewardship. While every community is unique, it is the quality of relationships within organizations and among local stakeholders that help make stewardship initiatives successful. This section offers resources to assist you in getting your community on board and effectively working together. Learn more about building community involvement and support >>

Case Studies and Success Stories

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