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Meet a Board Member: Benjamin Misener, Chair


Nov. 20, 2022

Name: Benjamin Misener
Occupation: Field Ecologist
Years on the board: 5 

When it comes to stewardship and conservation, Benjamin Misener’s philosophy is driven by his background in science, and his passion for equipping stewards with the practical tools they need. This passion for enabling people to become better stewards led Benjamin to Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) and a seat on the board.

“Forcing people to conserve the environment typically ends in failure, rather than working with them in a holistic, participatory way. LSC brings groups and people together through funding and programming to deliver results,” says Benjamin. 

With a background in conservation biology, he’s enthusiastic about science-driven initiatives with tangible results. He holds a diploma in Rural Land Use Planning from Olds College and studied Conservation Biology at the University of Alberta, but his first degree, from the University of Calgary, focused on Canadian Studies and Women’s Studies. 

Starting his career as a land survey assistant, Benjamin has worked as a planner, a land use biologist, a conservation analyst and now as a field ecologist. Throughout his career and education, Benjamin has been driven by his passion for the environment.

“All in all, I've enjoyed the varied jobs I've had over the years and my diverse education, which has certainly led to an interesting trek as I work towards my dream job,” explains Benjamin.

Working with diverse, interesting people has been a highlight of his time on the Land Stewardship Centre board. He’s especially proud of LSC’s programs that help people become better stewards of the land, water and biodiversity.

“The Green Acreages program is near and dear to my heart,” he adds. "The program has touched a lot of people over the years and now, with a dedicated program coordinator and continued support from rural municipalities, I can't wait to see how it unfolds in the future.”

When he isn’t doing field work or contributing to the LSC board, Benjamin loves enjoying the outdoors.

“I'm just happy to be outside in any capacity,” he explains. Recently, he’s developed an interest in birding, but his favourite outdoor activity is hunting, which has important connections to stewardship and conservation. 

“Hunting connects me to the land and people and I've had experiences out in the field that will live with me forever,” says Benjamin. “It's not about getting something each time I go out, it's about being present on the landscape and in tune with the living world.”  

His education, professional background and connection to the land has helped Benjamin in his role on the LSC board.  

“LSC brings groups and people together,” he adds. “My journey through stewardship is a long way from over but I know that you need to work with people on the landscape, government and academia to provide a holistic approach that meets the needs of everyone while putting the environment first.” 

We are grateful for all his contributions and his dedication to the organization.