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Our dedicated team of management and administrative staff, as well as independent contractors bring years of experience and expertise to, and provide the passion, direction and support that develops and guides all Land Stewardship Centre projects and initiatives. Meet our team:

Brian Ilnicki, Executive Director

Brian has spent the past 25 years bringing people together to work on common priorities for achieving sustainability on the landscape. Working throughout the diverse landscapes of Alberta, Brian has partnered with individuals, organizations and all levels of government to design and implement conservation and stewardship programs that benefit landowners, land managers and biodiversity.

Alexandra Frederickson, Outreach Coordinator and Stewardship Program Coordinator

With a degree in Natural Resource Conservation from the University of British Columbia, and as a recent graduate of the environmental management program at Niagara College Canada, Alexandra is eager to engage and promote environmental awareness to people everywhere to encourage the use of sustainable practices. Her interest in sustainable forestry and knowledge in resource conservation aligns well with LSC’s efforts to support the stewardship ethic and promote sound land stewardship practices.

Mary Swedberg, Office Administrator

With years of office administration experience to her credit, Mary knows that efficiency, good workable routines and excellent records management are essential to the success of any organization. She is keen to assist Land Stewardship Centre in whatever capacity she can, but her focus is putting well-organized, supportive administrative functions in place to ensure that the office runs as smoothly as possible.

Kristina Dembinski, Communications

Kristina thrives on working with organizations and companies to bring order and efficiency to their communications and marketing programs, services and activities through her company, Sagewood Communications Solutions Ltd. With strong roots in and years of experience working with companies and associations in Alberta’s food, agriculture, environment and conservation communities, Kristina brings a unique perspective and understanding of the needs and expectations of organizations in these industries.

Photo credit Deb Webster.

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