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One Round Moon and a Star for Me

A falling star for a new baby. There’s a brand new baby in the hut today. A young African boy watches with excitement as family and friends bring gifts for his mama’s new baby. But when he sees his papa smile and admire the baby’s tiny hands, so much like Papa’s own hands, his heart suddenly feels dark, like a night with no moon. He asks Papa if he really is his Papa too.
In the universal story of young boy yearning to discover his own place in the world, he is reassured that he belongs. The stars and moon celebrate his life too.
A unique glimpse into life in the expansive countryside of southern Africa, young readers will see celebration in the ties between man and nature.

  • Published: May 1998
  • Media Type: Book
  • Author: Mennen, Ingrid (author), Daly, Niki (illustrator)
  • Publisher: Orchard Books
  • Publisher Info: Published 1994. 28 pages. 8 x 10. Pencil and watercolor illustrations
  • Price: Approx. $16 U.S.
  • Order Info: Check your local library or bookstore. May have to special order.