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The Quiet Way Home

A little girl and her grandfather walk the quiet way home. Not the way where trucks rumble, cans clang and people rush, but the quieter paths where the grasshopper whirrs, the honey bees trum and rusty tricycles squeak.
Young readers are encouraged to hush, listen and look. The quiet path reveals a diversity of sights and sounds where children can build sense of self and sharing with nature. A place to merrily sing off key.

  • Published: May 1998
  • Media Type: Book
  • Author: Becker, Bonny (author), Huang Benrei (illustrator)
  • Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
  • Publisher Info: Published 1995. 25 pages. 8 1/2 x 11. Acrylic paints and colour pencil illustrations
  • Price: Approx. $24 CDN
  • Order Info: Check your local library or bookstore. May have to special order.