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Solar Energy Society of Alberta


The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) was formed in 1976 as the Northern Alberta Chapter of the Solar Energy Society of Canada Inc. (SESCI-NAC) to advance the awareness, understanding and use of solar energy as well as other renewable energy and conservation technologies.

The Solar Energy Society of Alberta is a non-profit, educational organization, which serves as a resource for government, educational institutions and the pubic at large. To this end SESA has partnered with Grant MacEwan University, the University of Alberta, the Telus World of Science, the City of Edmonton, the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues, the Electrical Industry Training Centre, the Canadian Solar Industries Association and a number of Alberta elementary and high schools.

  • Published: July 2009
  • Updated: July 2018
  • Mission: To enhance the quality of life by promoting innovative concepts and improvements in the application of solar energy and energy conservation technology.
  • Resources: Land Stewardship Centre of Canada Resource Centre
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  • Phone: 780 443 7788