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Green Acreages Guide

Ownership of small acreages, hobby farms and recreational properties is growing. Increasingly, these property owners are searching for information on how best to manage their properties in a sustainable manner. The Green Acreages Guide resources were developed especially for acreage, hobby farm and recreational property owners, to help them develop and implement stewardship practices that conserve and protect the valuable natural assets, such as air, land, water, wildlife, associated with their properties.

What’s New

Resource extraction and development has been a large part of Alberta’s economy for a long time. If you are living in rural Alberta, there is a good chance this type of development has or will take place near you. With support from our friends at the Alberta Real Estate Foundation and TD Friends of the Environment, we have added new content to the Primer and a brand new chapter to the Workbook to ensure acreage owners have all the information they need if resource development and extraction is taking place near their property or in their community. Download the updated Primer for free and here’s a sneak-peak at the new Resource Development and Extraction Chapter in the Workbook.

About the Green Acreages Guide Primer

This introductory booklet helps get acreages owners started by providing an introduction to the basics of owning and managing a rural property. NEW! With funding support from TD Friends of the Environment and Alberta Real Estate Foundation, we have been able to update the Primer to include additional resources as well as new content on Resource Development and Extraction and Easements and Rights-of-Way.

Download a copy of Green Acreages Guide Primer (PDF 3.8 MB) today. Larger quantities of the print version of the Primer are available for municipalities and stewardship groups – contact us to learn more.

About the Green Acreages Guide Workbook

The more comprehensive Workbook takes stewardship to the next level. This self-directed Workbook is organized into chapters. Each chapter begins with an overview of an issue and background information, includes relevant legislation, offers examples of beneficial management practices and provides sources of additional information. At the end of each module, worksheets allow acreage owners to evaluate how they manage their property.

The Canadian Horse Journal reviewed our very own Green Acreages Guide workbook. Here’s what they had to say >> Horse Journals Green Acreages Guide Review

The Green Acreages Guide Workbook will:

  • Increase acreage owners’ knowledge of appropriate land and natural resource management practices.
  • Support acreage owners in completing a resource inventory and planning exercise, and develop short and long‑term stewardship goals for their property.
  • Help acreage owners identify strategies to best manage the natural assets on their land.
  • Assist acreage owners to gain an awareness and understanding of relevant bylaws and regulations.
  • Provide acreage owners with additional stewardship resources and contact information.
Sample the Green Acreage Guide Workbook:

Get Your Workbook Today

The Green Acreages Guide Workbook is only $35.00 plus GST and shipping. Order your copy in our online store.


We offer sincere thanks to the numerous individuals and organizations who were involved in and contributed to the development of the Green Acreages Guide resources. The funding, support, guidance and information they have provided has been indispensable.

Green Acreages Guide Copyright © 2017 Land Stewardship Centre of Canada

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