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In its broadest sense, stewardship is the recognition of our collective responsibility to retain the quality and abundance of our land, air, water and biodiversity, and to manage this natural capital in a way that conserves all of its values, be they environmental, economic, social or cultural.

A Stewardship Roadmap for Canada, National Stewardship Conference, 2009

How We Get There

We think the definition above best describes what stewardship truly means. But we also recognize that stewardship is a journey, and the commitment that comes with being good stewards takes time and effort.

At Land Stewardship Centre we are committed to helping people on their stewardship journey. Here are what we think are the first steps to becoming a good steward.

Being or becoming a good steward means:

Photo credit Shilo Andrews.

Setting Priorities

Adopting Principles

Learning by Example

Becoming a Steward

Being a good steward matters to you. Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is an important part in helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved.