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Stewardship Priorities

Canada is a nation of diversity – socially, culturally and ecologically. Ecologically, Canada is blessed with unique and distinct landscape regions. Each has its own unique natural features and climate and each supports its own distinct species of animals and plants.

Over the past century these landscapes have been intensely impacted by human development. Speak with any long-time resident of an area and they can pinpoint the visible and dramatic changes that have occurred in their local natural landscapes. In highly populated areas of the country, native grasslands, aspen parkland, wetlands and other natural features have been virtually eliminated. Urban development and natural resource exploration is increasing exponentially and continues to significantly impact remaining natural landscapes.

Setting the Stage

These changes on the landscape have resulted in stresses to the numerous species of native plant and animal life (biodiversity), as well as to the soil, water and air. Considering how quickly these changes have taken place, it places vital importance and tremendous responsibility on farmers, acreage owners, governments, city residents, natural resource companies, land developers and land managers – virtually all businesses and all citizens – to ensure land-use decisions will maintain and enhance these natural landscapes for future generations.

This is where stewardship begins:

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