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Stewardship Planning Framework

One of the greatest challenges faced by elected officials and administrators when it comes to effectively integrating environmental stewardship considerations (e.g. environmental impacts, cumulative effects, and the value of ecosystem services, etc.) into land-use planning include:

  1. Understanding the complexity of the various polices and legislative directives and how these apply to the local situation, and
  2. Finding and utilizing the wealth of ecological information and local knowledge from other sources in their land-use decision making processes.
A new way to navigate

The Environmental Stewardship Planning Framework (the Framework) was born out of the expressed need to better understand how to navigate complex environmental issues and support tangible action at the municipal level.

The Framework guides municipalities to the types, and sources, of important and relevant environmental and ecological information they can use to support informed land-use and planning decisions in their communities. The Framework can help ensure land and water resource management/stewardship principles are effectively incorporated into the land-use planning and development process in Alberta.

The Framework will:
  • Enhance the capacity of elected officials and administrators to integrate ecological information and local knowledge into their land-use decision making process.
  • Engage community stewardship organizations and groups working within a municipality, encouraging them to inform the local municipality of their goals and processes they undertake to steward important, local ecological resources, and identify how those activities align with municipal goals.
  • Support administrators’ and elected officials’ efforts to collaborate with local stakeholders to create and implement local, mutually beneficial solutions to identified environmental issues and maintain and enhance natural capital.

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