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Stewardship in Canada

In Canada, various organizations actively pursue stewardship mandates. Many are driven by an awareness of global environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, water conservation and environment-related health issues. All are driven by an understanding of the conservation needs in their area and a desire and need to take action.

A Nation of Stewards

Learn more about these provincial stewardship initiatives, and the reach and depth of Canada’s stewardship network:

Planning our Nation’s Ecological Recovery

A partnership of eleven national and provincial organizations that actively practice community-based conservation invites you to share your perspectives on An Ecological Recovery Plan for Canada – Creating a Healthier Environment and Economy Through Effective Stewardship (PDF 684 KB). A Summary – Ecological Recovery Plan for Canada (PDF 157 KB) is also available.

This document is a direct result of actions arising from A Stewardship Roadmap for Canada (PDF 916 KB) and recommendations identified by the stewardship community at the 2009 Strengthening Stewardship – National Stewardship Conference.

This document will help guide ecological recovery in Canada; establishing the framework for the development of crucial partnerships and implementation of subsequent actions that will not only better protect, restore and enhance nature’s benefits, but also foster conservation and improve the quality of life for Canadians.

Call to Action

The partnership wants your input. Please take a moment to download and read through An Ecological Recovery Plan for Canada and email your comments and feedback to

Our ecosystems provide essential services.

Setting Priorities

Adopting Principles

Learning by Example

Becoming a Steward

Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is an important part in helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved…