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Reporting Requirements

Reporting is an important component of the Watershed Stewardship Grant (WSG) Program. Grant recipient reports provide the information necessary for Land Stewardship Centre to report on and demonstrate responsibility, accountability and transparency for the WSG funds received from the Government of Alberta through the Water for Life Strategy.

Reporting also provides valuable information for the development of public relations and outreach activities which support and raise awareness of the WSG program and grant recipients’ achievements.

Interim report (Schedule B1)

Grant recipients are required to submit a complete, interim report to LSC on or before September 30.

Final report (Schedule B2)

Grant recipients must submit a complete, final report to LSC on or before March 31. All receipts for eligible expenses MUST be included with the final report. All receipts/invoices should be in a single file (PDF preferred) that is attached with the final report.

Photographs and other attachments to the final report

We encourage grant recipients to submit photos of their project and related activities. Ensure you have received appropriate photo releases-permissions from all individuals who appear in photos.

Photographs should be taken as digital, high resolution jpg files. Photographs should be submitted with your final report, labeled with your group name, year and grant reference number (the grant reference number is found on your group’s grant agreement and in the letter which accompanied the grant agreement).

Also include copies of any media releases, advertisements, brochures, letters to sponsors or any other communications pieces your group may have developed to promote your project in the community.

Completing and submitting reports

When completing and submitting reports, please note:

  1. To be considered eligible for reimbursement, all expenses (with the exception of mileage and travel meals and per diems) MUST be accompanied by receipts. Receipts are only required to be submitted with the final report.
  2. All signed reports and accompanying attachments (i.e., receipts, invoices, photographs, etc.) must be submitted electronically to Land Stewardship Centre on or before their respective due dates.

Submit all reports and attachments to:

Subject: Watershed Stewardship Grant Program reporting

Have questions or need assistance?

Refer to the information submitted in your original application when completing interim and final reports. But it you have any questions regarding the WSG Program or the reporting requirements, contact the Stewardship Program Coordinator or phone 1–877-727–5276 extension 227.

Photo credit Randall Archibald.

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