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Coming Soon: WSG StoryMap

Posted September 16, 2019 by LSC

This fall, Land Stewardship Centre will be launching a brand new story-map that highlights all recipients of the Watershed Stewardship Grant (WSG) since 2006.

The map will showcase the impact of this important grant program, funded by Alberta Environment and Parks, and the impactful projects these grassroots groups have implemented across the province that have directly contributed to protecting, conserving and enhancing Alberta’s watersheds.

The projects are interesting and diverse, and the new digital narrative will include videos and pictures of projects that will inspire others and highlight how watershed stewardship groups are working hard to protect our precious water resources.

Stay tuned for the map and if you are a WSG recipient, sign up to our Stewardship Directory to have your profile linked to the map.

Stewardship Showcase: Pincher Creek Watershed Group

Posted September 16, 2019 by LSC

This past July, the Pincher Creek Watershed Group hosted their 16th Annual Blueweed Blitz. This long-time, local event, spearheaded by this committed watershed stewardship group, had 82 volunteers come out to remove over 85 large bags of the noxious weed, which resulted in billions of potential seeds being removed from the environment.

Leading the way

Sixteen years ago, this type of local event was the first of its kind in the area. Noxious weeds can be relentless, and volunteers and the Pincher Creek Watershed Group alike agree that over the years the Blueweed Blitz has made an obvious improvement in local watershed health. As a result, this type of activity is now an initiative several other stewardship groups have adopted in their own watersheds.

“An event like this is extremely important. It gets the community directly and actively involved in caring for their creek and the watershed,” shares Brad Bustard, organizer and long-time volunteer with the Pincher Creek Watershed Group. “Without the involvement of a dedicated group of supporters, volunteers and landowners, our event would simply not be possible and the weeds would still be a major problem.”

Support is key

Sponsors of the event include Shell Waterton, MD of Pincher Creek, Town of Pincher Creek and Alberta Conservation Association. The event, which received Watershed Stewardship Grant support in 2017, also receives support from the Waterton Park weed crew.

“Our event continues to be a success thanks to consistent support from a great group of citizens and sponsors who are working together to improve the health of the Pincher Creek,” adds Brad. Brad goes on to add that engagement and volunteer participation from local landowners could always be improved. He suggests that getting the involvement of and help from more owners of small acreages in the area would help make the event even better in the future.

In addition to the annual weed pulls, Brad says continued education and awareness efforts are still needed to ensure citizens and caretakers are aware that, although they may have ‘pretty flowers’, noxious weeds are detrimental to the watershed. So, the Pincher Creek Watershed Group continues to advocate for beautiful scenery and landscapes that exclude noxious weeds and embraces native flora.

Get involved

Check out their Facebook page and learn more about the Pincher Creek Watershed Group’s Blueweed Blitz and other activities. Consider getting involved in a local watershed stewardship group or volunteering for a weed pull in your area.

Photos courtesy Pincher Creek Watershed Group.

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