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Welcome New Board Member

Posted November 12, 2019 by LSC

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) Board of Directors, Suzanne Young, Director of Open Space Planning and Design with the City of Edmonton. Keep reading to learn more about Suzanne and why we’re excited to have her on the LSC board.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Environmental Conservation Science from the University of Alberta and Masters of Science (Planning) from the University of Guelph. She is a Registered Professional Planner and has worked in both Alberta and Ontario.

Suzanne currently works at the City of Edmonton as the Director of Open Space Planning and Design. Her team leads the planning and design of open space in Edmonton including neighbourhood, district, downtown, and river valley parks. In her previous role with the City, she focused her efforts on increasing natural area retention, improving ecological connectivity and integrating ecological designs, including the design and construction of wildlife passages, through various planning processes.

“I was motivated to join the LSC board as I have a strong interest in natural area protection and conservation,” shares Suzanne, “I am hopeful that I can bring some of my expertise and knowledge to support the Land Stewardship Center’s vision and mission.”

Prior to joining the City of Edmonton she worked for the City of Guelph and the Grand River Conservation Authority on diverse projects including: natural heritage policy planning, source water protection policy, watershed management, wetland policy, brownfield redevelopment, community plans, development review, a tree by-law, and the regulation of floodplains, steep slopes and significant wetlands (to name a few!)

“Over the course of my career I have been fortunate to work with committed and passionate members of the conservation community and I hope to continue this work as a member of the LSC Board,” expresses Suzanne.

Suzanne brings a wide array of experience and LSC looks forward to the significant contributions she’s sure to make at our organization.

“I hope to support the excellent work the LSC has initiated and look forward to contributing to positive outcomes through my expertise and knowledge of the land use planning, natural areas conservation and the associated legislative framework,” Suzanne concludes.

Stewards in Motion a Success

Posted November 11, 2019 by LSC

Stewards in Motion events offer community stewardship groups a chance to connect, learn and grow together.

At this year’s event, 50 people gathered in Edmonton to learn from a variety of experts how to boost their grant writing and fund development efforts for their community stewardship groups.

Speakers Jenna Curtis (Alberta Environment and Parks), Graeme Dearden (Volunteer Alberta), Leah Kongsrude (North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance), Alexandra Frederickson (Land Stewardship Centre) and Simon Irving (Alberta Ecotrust) shared their experience, expertise and insight to help groups:

  • prepare strong grant proposals,
  • harness volunteer power for grant applications and community based efforts,
  • work collaboratively with others on funding applications,
  • maintain funder relationships, and more.

Here are several of our speaker presentations:

More speaker presentations will be made available here soon.

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