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Imrie House Yard Gets Facelift

Posted July 3, 2018 by LSC

Through June and July, individuals from the Edmonton Native Plant Society (ENPS) are putting their time and expertise to work at Imrie House to breathe new life into the property’s landscape.

With a focus on preserving and promoting natural habitats and plant communities, and through their work at projects like the one taking place at Imrie House, ENPS seeks to enrich the natural flora of various parks and natural areas.

ENPS members raise native plants at the City of Edmonton’s Oldman Creek Nursery and maintain a demonstration native bed at the John Janzen Nature Centre, and the Muttart Conservatory. Volunteers also care for certain parts of City of Edmonton parks as Partners in Parks.

In the photo you see ENPS volunteers in front of the native vegetation plot they are establishing at Imrie House.

As the tenant and caretaker of Imrie House, Land Stewardship Centre is extremely grateful to have ENPS and their volunteers working with us to enhance the natural beauty of this special property. We’ll post more photos as the project continues.

About Imrie House
Located along the North Saskatchewan River, Imrie House has been the home of Land Stewardship Centre’s office for several years now. Non-profits and community groups are invited to use the recently renovated meeting space. Learn more about Imrie House and renting the meeting space.

Some comments...

  • Patricia Cotterill says:

    Actually, the volunteers are from the Edmonton Native Plant Society, not the Alberta Native Plant Council. Also you should probably have mentioned that this in part was a paid contract, with additional volunteer help. Please issue a correction in the next newsletter - thanks.

  • Jane Ross says:

    I am glad to see support for Imrie House, Land Stewardship Centre and plants native to Alberta. How appropriate that the gardens at this amazing site are being updated.

    Jane Ross
    Battle River Group
    2019 Lt. Governor of Alberta Arts Awards

  • Land Stewardship Centre says:

    Thank you for your note Patricia, and our apologies to the Edmonton Native Plant Society. We have amended the article above and will most certainly issue a correction in the next newsletter.

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