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Municipalities, land-use planners, conservation program developers and other key decision makers are always faced with a multitude of challenges when addressing land use, development and natural resource management projects. With more and more emphasis being placed on cost effectiveness, return on investment and transparency in program development, that decision making process can become even more complicated.

A key element to successfully incorporating sound stewardship principles into land use, development and natural resource management efforts is having the ability to assess and prioritize projects to address diverse environmental, economic and social issues.

A new way to prioritize

INFFER™ (Investment Framework for Environmental Resources) is a valuable decision support tool used for assessing and prioritizing projects to address diverse environmental issues and challenges such as reduced water quality, biodiversity, conservation planning and land degradation. The main goal of INFFER™ is to achieve the highest value for environmental and natural resource outcomes that is possible with available resources.

INFFER™ can be used to set clear priorities, streamline program delivery, enhance accountability of public funds invested into environmental initiatives and help ensure the responsible investment of these funds for a greater return on investment.
INFFER™ was developed and is owned by the University of Western Australia. Natural Decisions, a small Australian company, has the license to commercialize it and partner with other trained providers who can implement INFFER™ project assessments.

As the only accredited provider of INFFER™ services in Canada, Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) and our partners are working together to bring awareness and knowledge of INFFER™ , and particularly, to key decision makers, land-use planners and program developers, in an effort to grow the capacity for implementing an asset-based approach to natural resource management.

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Discover how INFFER™ was developed and how it has been used in other jurisdictions at INFFER and Natural Decisions

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