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Games, Challenges & Calculators

We are always seeking innovative ways to showcase and highlight interactive media that promote and develop stewardship activities. If you have something you’d like to contribute to this page, please contact us.


Alberta Tomorrow A land use simulator that let’s you discover how land use can change Alberta‚Äôs ecosystems and then design a management strategy for sustainable development.

Build a Prairie Can you turn a bare dirt field into a thriving prairie? Take the restoration challenge in this interactive game!

Dogs Around the World An interesting resource for children that introduces ideas of invasive or introduced species and how animals evolve traits specific to their environment.

The Green Mega City An interactive game that helps you develop an eco-savvy plan for the sustainable mega city of tomorrow.

The Walker Players must use various forms of alternatively fueled vehicles to help them cross a busy highway and make it to school on time.

The Watershed Game Would you make the best decisions in managing your watershed? Examine the issues in each area of the watershed, then see the impacts of your choices!


Going Green Quiz Test your eco-IQ. Take this quiz and see what you know about going green.

Green Guide for Everyday Living Think you know green? Test your eco-know-how with numerous Green Guide Quizzes.

Green Life See how much carbon is put into the atmosphere by your household appliances and learn what you can do about it.

Know Your Watershed Interested in seeing a map of your local watershed and the ocean basin it inhabits? Enter your town name to access these maps and more interesting watershed-related information.

Measure Your Eco-Footprint Take this online quiz and size up your ecological footprint.

One Simple Act It’s easy to be environmentally friendly. Learn more how you can do your part to reduce waste, conserve water and reduce energy consumption in Alberta.

Start Your Own Geotourism Project Learn how geotourism projects help local communities discover their distinctive tourism assets while providing them with economic incentives for protecting those assets.

Water Saving Tips Travel through the Water Conservation House and discover tips on how to save water in your home.


Classroom Carbon Calculator Find out how much energy, money and greenhouse gas can you save by turning off lights in your classroom.

Decision Making Tools for Agricultural Producers Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development offers these online calculators, information tools and software to assist producers in making decisions on everything from crops to livestock, machinery to farm management.

Paper Calculator Use this tool to see how using less paper, increasing recycled content, or making other sustainable paper choices can reduce environmental impacts.

Zerofootprint Edmonton Calculate your footprint and learn about other ways the City of Edmonton and citizens are working together to reduce their environmental impact.

Zerofootprint Kids Calculator Kids, parents and teachers can follow the online questions to find out if they are environmentally friendly.

Photo credit Len Pettitt.

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