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Funder Recognition

As a recipient of a Watershed Stewardship Grant, in general, you will acknowledge the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program and Land Stewardship Centre in all project‐related materials, activities or events.

The following steps outline the basic procedures for providing appropriate recognition to the partner and program which has provided this funding assistance for your project.

Verbal or written acknowledgement

Watershed Stewardship Grant funding assistance should be acknowledged in any project-related interviews, presentations, publications, signage, promotional materials, publicity materials or other communications materials.

In publications, this wording is normally placed inside the document within the first couple of pages in an acknowledgements section. This is also a good place to acknowledge any other financial supporters, sponsors or other contributors. Watershed Stewardship Grant funding assistance should be recognized using standard wording, such as one of the following:

“This [project/publication/event/etc.] was funded in part through the Watershed Stewardship Grant, a program of Land Stewardship Centre financed by Alberta Environment and Parks.” OR

“[We/name of group or organization] wish to acknowledge the financial assistance of Land Stewardship Centre’s Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, funded by Alberta Environment and Parks, for making this [project/study/event/etc.] possible.”

Use of disclaimer in print and electronic publications

Please also include the following disclaimer with the acknowledgement statement in any publications (print or electronic) produced to promote projects funded by the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program:

“Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) is pleased to contribute to the [production/delivery] of this [project/publication/event, etc.] through the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, funded by Alberta Environment and Parks. LSC is committed to working with stewardship groups to increase public awareness of the importance of the grassroots initiatives that are having a positive impact on watersheds, water quality and communities across Alberta. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of [group/organization] and not necessarily LSC’s.”

Use of LSC logo

For projects which have received financial support through the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, the current LSC logo and the text “Funding for this project provided by:” should also be included on all printed or electronic materials (publications, signage, presentation materials, promotional materials, publicity materials, etc.).

The LSC logo shall ONLY to be used to recognize and acknowledge the grant recipient’s receipt of financial assistance through the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program. The LSC logo must NOT be used for general sponsorship recognition purposes. Logo use and placement must NOT convey the impression of ownership.

The LSC logo may ONLY appear on a grant recipient’s website to show that a specific project was funded under the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program. If information about the funded project no longer appears on the recipient’s website, then the LSC logo must also be removed from the recipient’s website.

The LSC logo may not be altered in any way, must be given equal prominence to those of similar contributors, and must appear as a distinct element in a reasonable amount of white space.

Need assistance?

To request current logo files, ask questions or if you require further guidance regarding funder recognition, email the Stewardship Program Coordinator or phone 1–877-727–5276 extension 227.

Photo credit Randall Archibald.

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