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Conservation Land Registry

The Conservation Land Registry (CLR) is a single source database of information on conservation agreements and projects in Alberta. This online, fee-based service assists natural resource companies by providing information that helps them in meeting development requirements. Subscribers can request searches of specific quarter sections by legal land description to determine any conservation projects, agreements, or other notations on that quarter.

The CLR provides clients with:
  • Automated on-line search capability.
  • Access to more than 200,000 records.
  • Instant access to up-to-date information on conservation agreements and/or projects for each quarter section of land.
  • A search report that includes contact information for the registered project holder.
  • Simple, monthly account management options.
The CLR database includes information from:
  • Alberta Conservation Association – Wildlife program lands;
  • Alberta Culture and Community Spirit – Listing of historical sites and areas;
  • Alberta Sustainable Resource Development – Fisheries conservation projects;
  • Crooked Creek Conservancy of Athabasca – Land holdings/habitat protection;
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada – Projects on Alberta lands (exclusive source);
  • Energy Resources Conservation Board (formerly Energy UB) – Special case lands;
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada – Land holdings and projects;
  • Self-registered private landowners.

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