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Become a Steward

Once you make a commitment to becoming an environmental steward, put that commitment into action. You can help set stewardship in motion by:

Abiding by environmental regulations – Ensure that business activities, farm operations and personal land use are in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations.

Using resources responsibly – Conserve resources such as water, minerals and wood by using them efficiently and recycling when appropriate. Conserve wildlife habitat on your property and in your community.

Reducing waste – Use less toxic materials to limit the amount of hazardous wastes produced. Improve the efficiency of business or farm operations to reduce the amount of waste generated.

Getting involved in community initiatives – Participate in local environmental projects such as neighborhood recycling, abandoned lot cleanups, community gardens and watershed restoration projects. Encourage others to become involved as well.

Letting people know what you are doing – Get the message out about the successful environmental projects implemented by you or your community.

Talk to Us

What does being a good steward mean to you? We want to know. Send us your stewardship stories and examples. Share your stewardship photos with us. We’ll post them on the website for others to learn from.

Maintaining and enhancing stability in nature.

Setting Priorities

Adopting Principles

Learning by Example

Becoming a Steward

Having access to valuable stewardship information and resources is an important part in helping you become a good steward. Learn how you can get involved…