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ASN Initiatives

Stewardship Needs Assessment

In 2005 and again in 2011, a survey of watershed stewardship groups (WSG’s) in Alberta was conducted to determine their priority needs across the province. In response, the ASN program has developed a number of projects and services to support grassroots watershed stewardship efforts. Download the 2011 ASN Stewardship Needs Assessment Outcomes – Executive Summary (PDF 287 KB).

Grassroots News – Inspiring Alberta’s Stewards

A quarterly e-newsletter, with special issues throughout the year, Grassroots News keeps people connected to what is happening across the breadth of Alberta’s stewardship community. Check out past issues and then subscribe today.

Stewardship Directory

In 2005, ASN produced a print directory featuring contact information for watershed stewardship groups, support agencies and resources, and listing organizations in each of Alberta’s seven major watershed basins. To better support the efforts of and help connect the stewardship community we’ve evolved the print version into the new online Stewardship Directory. Check it out and register your organization in the Directory today.

Stewards in Motion

Since 2003, Alberta’s volunteer stewards, as well as the agencies and organizations that support stewards or have a stewardship mandate, have gathered at the annual Stewards in Motion workshop to network, learn and celebrate their successes. The Stewards in Motion event has been instrumental in not only connecting people and organizations, but in motivating stewards to continue working together to conserve Alberta’s landscapes. After a year hiatus, a bigger and better and enhanced Stewards in Motion series of events has returned. Learn more >>.

Resources for Stewards

The key to being a successful steward starts with ecological awareness, a strong sense of a land ethic and the desire to put this awareness and ethic into action. But for stewards’ actions to be effective, they need access to relevant, up-to-date information and resources. The online Resource Centre offers not only the important, basic resources that will help set stewardship groups on the path to success, but in the very near future, will also include a comprehensive online, searchable database of up-to-date information and resources in a format that allows stewards to comment and provide their feedback on the resources. Check out our basic resources for stewards >>

Awareness to Action

Published in 2007, this 66 page, full-colour booklet showcases environmental stewardship in action in Alberta. The stories within highlight real-life stewards – the people, organizations and initiatives who, through their efforts, epitomize ecological awareness, a strong sense of a land ethic and the desire to put this awareness and ethic into action. Download a copy of Awareness to Action today.

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