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Application Process

The Watershed Stewardship Grant (WSG) Program provides funding to support collaborative, community-based stewardship efforts. Grants up to $20,000 are issued once per year to eligible groups on a per-project basis. The following outlines eligibility requirements and the steps groups/ organizations must take to apply for WSG funding.

Step 1: Ensure your group is eligible

In 2018, Land Stewardship Centre expanded the program so that a broad variety of Alberta-based stewardship groups, which includes naturalist organizations, synergy groups and community associations, are eligible to apply for and receive WSG funding for projects that directly impact or enhance your local watershed.

These groups are locally-oriented, volunteer-based partnerships that actively engage in environmental stewardship of their watershed and take community-level action to safeguard our water sources. They set common goals to achieve shared outcomes and they actively engage individuals, organizations, agriculture, industry, municipalities and other forms of local government in their efforts.

Stewardship groups may apply for funding under this program as either an:

Incorporated Group The applicant is a legal entity (i.e. a registered society or non-profit organization) whose purpose,mandate and activities support environmental stewardship within the local watershed. The applicant is prepared to accept all financial and legal responsibility for the project.

Unincorporated Group A group applying in partnership with an eligible legal entity. The applicant is a group, organization or community-based partnership that supports environmental stewardship of the local watershed, but is NOT a legal entity (i.e. is NOT a registered society or non-profit organization). The partnering legal entity is prepared to accept all financial and legal responsibility for this project and manage the grant funds on behalf of the group.

Individuals, for-profit businesses and corporations, fish and game associations, educational institutions or previous grant recipients with outstanding reporting obligations are NOT eligible to receive funding under this grant program. Government agencies, municipal governments and Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) are NOT eligible to apply directly for this grant. They may, however, serve as the partnering legal entity for a group that does not have legal status.

Step 2: Ensure your project is eligible

Projects will be selected on merit relative to how well they meet the following eligibility requirements. Preference will be shown for those projects which clearly identify expected outcomes and demonstrate strong supporting partnerships, community involvement and volunteer/citizen engagement. To be considered for WSG funding, proposed projects must meet the following requirements:

1. The project has clear and measurable outcomes that will lead to one or more of the following:

  • Increased awareness and knowledge of local watershed issues
  • The adoption of practices and actions that benefit a local watershed
  • Improved environmental conditions within a local watershed

2. The proposed project activities also align with and support one or more of the following keypriorities identified by Alberta Environment and Parks:

  • Watershed management outcomes identified in approved Regional Plans
  • Source water protection planning and management
  • Biodiversity Management Framework goals
  • Watershed literacy and stewardship education, including the Wetland Policy
  • Climate Leadership Plan actions
  • Citizen science and community monitoring.

Multiple grant applications for separate projects may be accepted from applicants.

If you are uncertain if your group or your project is eligible for funding under the WSG Program, please contact the Stewardship Program Coordinator at or 1–877-727–5276 extension 227 before filling out and submitting a WSG application form.

Step 3: Complete and sign the WSG application form

Make sure you complete the entire application form, providing all information as requested. Ensure the completed application form is dated and signed.

Step 4: Submit your completed application

Submit your completed application to Land Stewardship Centre on or before the application deadline via our online application form.

Eligible organizations may submit multiple applications but can only receive a maximum of $20,000 from the WSG per year.

Step 5: Contact the Stewardship Program Coordinator to confirm receipt of your application

Regardless of the delivery method, it is strongly recommended that all applicants call 1–877-727–5276 extension 227 or email the Stewardship Program Coordinator prior to the application deadline, to confirm receipt of their grant application.

Letters of support for your grant application can be emailed directly to the Stewardship Program Coordinator.

All grant applicants will be notified of the status of their application by March 31.

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