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About the Grant Program

Since 2006, the Watershed Stewardship Grant Program, made possible with funding from Alberta Environment and Parks, has provided grants to the province’s stewardship community to support their efforts. Since then, nearly 150 grassroots watershed stewardship groups have received more than $2,000,000 to develop and implement over 300 projects in communities across Alberta, which have in turn contributed to ensuring:

  • A safe, secure drinking water supply,
  • Healthy aquatic ecosystems, and
  • Reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.

Making a difference

This significant investment in community-based stewardship has provided the foundational support for groups to make a difference within their local watersheds. Funds received from the Grant Program have enabled stewardship groups to engage in community-based projects that focus on:

  1. Increasing the awareness and understanding of local watershed issues.
  2. Demonstrating, testing or displaying various watershed management options.
  3. Building membership and organizational capacity.
  4. Measuring and reporting on environmental and social indicators of watershed health.
  5. Developing management plans for and engaging in physical, on-the-ground activities to improve the condition of local watersheds and water bodies.

The projects are diverse; ranging widely in their objectives, complexity and size, but all have meaningful impact within their respective watersheds. From public forums, workshops and other coordinated outreach efforts, to riparian assessments,
habitat improvement and naturalization activities, the projects supported by the Grant Program represent an ambitious assortment of local programs, presentations, and initiatives that have contributed significantly to the stewardship of Alberta’s precious water resources. Learn about past grant recipients.

Photo credit Randy Perkins.

About the Grant Program

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