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About ASN

Meeting a Need

Typically volunteer-driven, operating independently and with limited resources, community-based, grassroots stewardship groups have identified a need for better access to funding, technical and scientific information, and assistance in recruiting, training and retaining volunteers. The concept of establishing a network to support initiatives and activities arose in response to these needs expressed by Alberta’s stewards.

Drawing from other successful national and international stewardship programs, the Alberta Stewardship Network (ASN) was established in 2004 to address these needs and to help support the province’s growing stewardship community.

Supporting Community Stewards

ASN efforts are concentrated on engagement and outreach, enhancing project funding opportunities and improving access to online information and resources. ASN strategic initiatives include developing and maintaining an online stewardship directory, delivering the Stewards in Motion workshops, attending conferences, events and field days, providing access to user-friendly online resources, and connecting community stewardship groups with provincial policy and strategy initiatives.

By building partnerships, developing tools and sharing resources ASN ensures that grassroots community groups are connected, informed and working together as effective stewards of our natural resources.

Taking Action

ASN focuses its energy and resources on:

  • Maintaining a growing network for stewards to exchange information and expertise.
  • Developing much-needed tools and acting as a source of current knowledge.
  • Building partnerships and creating linkages to other resource networks, government agencies and municipalities.
  • Recognizing and promoting the efforts of individuals and organizations in advancing community stewardship.
  • Supporting the establishment and growth of new grassroots stewardship groups.

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