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Where there is water, there is life on a poetic cross-Canada, wildlife-watching journey for young readers. As tiny streams of melted snow grow into broad smooth rivers and into the great huge sea, water provides for a great diversity of needs. Feast your eyes on delightful paper sculptures of creatures and plant life as water rhythmically flows through typical Canadian landscapes.
Young readers will be captivated by a variety of identifiable life forms and landscapes while learning that water means life.
Read the last page, “About this book”, first, for a page-by-page identification of portrayed plants, animals, and provincial wildflowers.

  • Published: May 1998
  • Media Type: Book
  • Author: Newlin Chase, Edith (author), Broda, Ron (illustrator)
  • Publisher: North Winds Press
  • Publisher Info: Published 1993. 25 page. 8 1/2 x 11. Paper sculpture photographs.
  • Price: Approx. $16 CDN
  • Order Info: Check your local library or bookstore. May have to special order.