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Goodbye to Longtime LSC Staffer

Posted November 13, 2017 by LSC

We are sad to say goodbye to Jenna Curtis, longtime Land Stewardship Centre employee and Stewardship Program Coordinator. Jenna has accepted a position with Alberta Environment and Parks as the Community Engagement Lead, North Service Area in the Community Engagement Branch.

While we are sad to see her go, we are thankful for the time she spent with us and all the work she put into the Alberta Stewardship Network (ASN) and Watershed Stewardship Grant (WSG) programs. We are glad that she is moving on to a new position that will enable her put the skills she learned here to work and pleased she’ll have the opportunity to continue to grow as a young environmental professional. We wish Jenna all the best and know that she’ll do well in her new role.

So who’s looking after things now?

We are very pleased to announce that Alexandra Frederickson, our Outreach Coordinator, has now taken on the role of Stewardship Program Coordinator, in addition to continuing her work as Outreach Coordinator. As Stewardship Program Coordinator, Alex will now be looking after the WSG and ASN program. You can connect with Alex at

Implementing an Ecosystem Services Approach in Alberta

Posted October 10, 2017 by LSC

Land Stewardship Centre is a partner in the Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Network which is a multidisciplinary group of experts working to build the knowledge required to assist with the implementation of an ecosystem services (ES) approach in Alberta.

What are ecosystem services?

Ecosystem services (also referred to as “ES”) are the benefits that humans receive from nature including provisioning (e.g. food, fuel, fibre, fresh water), regulating (e.g. air quality, climate regulation, erosion control, water quality), cultural (e.g. spiritual enrichment, recreation, aesthetic experiences) and supporting services (e.g. production of oxygen, soil formation).

Why are we looking into this?

Over the past several years many organizations, various levels of government, academia and industry have been exploring ways to integrate ES into planning and decision-making on working landscapes in Alberta. An important element of this approach is to identify current and future information needs. To meet these needs, solutions need to be developed that are practical, science-based, easy to understand and communicate.

How can we move an ES-approach forward?

In direct response to this need, LSC lead a series of sector-based workshops and outreach sessions across Alberta in an effort to help support the development of a recognized, comprehensive ES approach that can be adopted by governments, resource-based industries, landowners and land managers, and conservation organizations.

Summary reports for individual sector workshops and a final report for the workshop series are available for download here:

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