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Green Acreages Guide Workshops

Growing the Program

In addition to the Primer and Workbook, Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) also developed a “workshop in a box” resource for municipalities that had expressed interest in hosting Green Acreages Guide-specific workshops. These workshops were intended to assist landowners in reviewing the resources, understanding their role in stewardship and developing a plan for their properties. This workshop resource package contains everything an organization needs to deliver a workshop based on the Green Acreages Guide Workbook, including an agenda template, host task list, the complete PowerPoint presentation, as well as advertising, media release and poster templates.

While this workshop-in-a box was requested and workshops were delivered by a handful of municipalities, it soon became clear that many host organizations would prefer to have the Green Acreages Guide Workshop led and delivered by a presenter(s) with relevant technical expertise who would deliver the presentation, lead participants through the process of initiating their stewardship plans, and be available to address specific landowner questions and concerns.

Municipalities that have expressed interest in having LSC lead and deliver these workshops have also indicated their willingness to cover the costs associated with delivering these workshops. So, to address this need, LSC is moving forward with a Green Acreages Guide Workshop delivery model on a fee-for-service basis.

The Value of Facilitated Workshops

The Green Acreages Guide Workshops have been designed to be informative, educational and interactive. Hosted in partnership with local municipalities, and led by an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator, the workshops offer a practical, hands-on approach to engaging landowners in responsible environmental stewardship of their acreages and recreational properties. With the comprehensive Workbook and its corresponding worksheets as a guide, and using an aerial photograph of individuals’ properties provided by their municipality, by the end of a workshop, each attendee will have developed a basic stewardship plan for their property.

Get Involved

We would love to work with you and bring a Green Acreages Guide Workshop to your community. To learn more about or to schedule a facilitated Green Acreages Guide Workshop, please contact us.

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