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Dr. Peter Boxall

Peter is a Professor of Environmental and Resource Economics in the Department of Rural Economy, Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in Biology from Queen’s and Calgary respectively. He then saw the light and earned MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Alberta.

Peter’s research focuses on the economic valuation of environmental goods and services and utilizes both revealed and stated preference methods. Peter and his students try to incorporate these values into the development and analysis of environmental and conservation policy.

Peter is also the leader of the Linking Environment and Agriculture Research Network (LEARN); one of five research networks funded by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada. Recent research in his research group has involved determination of the costs and benefits of restoring wetlands on agricultural landscapes in the prairie pothole region. These efforts are leading to the design of market-based instruments, such as reverse auctions and offset trading systems, to encourage increased provision of ecological goods and services from private land managers. Much of this research involves the use of experimental economic techniques to design market based approaches that target incentives to address specific environmental outcomes.

Peter has over 20 years experience working in provincial and federal government agencies. He is also an active “old-timers” hockey player and avid angler.

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