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Board Committees

The following sub-committees have been established to help inform and guide the Board of Directors in the areas of governance, finance, fund development and Director recruitment.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors in matters pertaining to governance, policies and procedures, regulations and management relations. The Executive Committee may also act for the Board on urgent matters arising between regular Board meetings in cases where it is not possible to convene a regular Board meeting. The following individuals currently serve on this committee:

  • Rick Anderson (chair)
  • Jim Gendron
  • Brian Ilnicki (ex officio)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Board in the areas of budgeting, accounting and audits. The following serve as members of this committee:

  • Peter Boxall
  • Dave Cheyne
  • Brian Ilnicki (ex officio)

Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee advises and assists the Executive Director and staff in the preparation and implementation of the Fund Development Plan, including identifying the appropriate target donor and sponsor audiences, establishing and fostering relationships with new and existing donors and sponsors. Members of this committee include:

  • Jim Gendron (chair)
  • Vacant (director)
  • Brian Ilnicki (staff)

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee provides support and recommendations for the identification and recruitment of suitable potential Director candidates. The committee consists of:

  • Rick Anderson (chair)
  • Jim Gendron
  • Brian Ilnicki (ex officio)

Photo credit Delaney Anderson.

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