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Benjamin Misener

Benjamin Misener is currently the Manager of Land and Environment for Brazeau County. After graduating from Olds College in 2013 with a diploma in Rural Land Use Planning, he started off as a Development Officer and gradually transitioned to his current position.

Benjamin oversees development permits and subdivisions for the County along with managing County owned lands including haying and grazing leases, oil and gas leases, and reserve lands. He is also the Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Coordinator.

Among the many external committees he is involved with are the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, the Pembina Area Synergy Group, and the Agroforesty and Woodlot Extension Society. These groups have provided the County with an opportunity to connect with stakeholders in an engaging open forum that works towards resolving issues and bringing forwards new ideas in an inclusive space.

Benjamin also regularly enjoys escaping to the outdoors including hunting, camping, hiking and wildlife viewing.

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